Tibet’s Goodwill Foundation donates 50 oxygen concentrators to Nepal

Khabar Kura
२२ जेष्ठ २०७८, शनिबार

Kathmandu :The Goodwill Foundation, a social organization based in Tibet, China, has donated 50 oxygen concentrators to Nepal. The Director of the Goodwill Foundation, Ma Zhijian, Saturday handed over the health supplies to the Consulate General of Nepal in Lhasa.

The health materials are part of the Covid-19 Silk Road Community Building Initiative launched by the China NGO Network for International Exchange, the Silk Road NGO Cooperation Network and the Goodwill Foundation to jointly fight the second epidemic of the corona virus in Nepal.

These health items collected through Chinese NGOs and donors under the leadership of Goodwill Foundation have been handed over to Nepali Consul General NawarajDhakal.

Goodwill Foundation and Nepal China Kailash Culture Promotion Association have provided assistance to 50 Oxygen Concentrators. Similarly, the city of Leshan in Sichuan Province has provided 10 constructors to the Lumbini Development Fund. The city of Leshan has sister relations with the Lumbini Development Fund and the Lumbini Cultural Municipality.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, Consul General Dhakal thanked China for its continued support to Nepal in controlling the epidemic. Recalling the friendly relations between Nepal and China for hundreds of years, Dhakal lauded the Goodwill Foundation and other organizations that love Nepal. He said that China and Nepal have always supported each other in every difficulty. Dhakal said, “The government of the People’s Republic of China and the Tibet Autonomous Government and other supporting non-governmental organizations have joined hands to control the epidemic in Nepal.”

“It is a matter of great satisfaction that in addition to the Government of China and the Government of TAR, some non-profit organizations have joined hands to support Nepal to combat the pandemic”.“GWF with the slogan “You are not alone” has shown its keen interest to support Nepali citizens”. The Director of GWF Ma said that GWF is committed to promote China-Nepal people-to-people friendship. “We sincerely wish all of us should remember vivid stories of people to people friendship between two countries one after another, and work together to sustainably promote the friendship between us from generation to generation”.

The health items handed over to the Consulate General have been sent to Kathmandu by road from Lhasa today itself.

The foundation also donated 230,000 medical masks to Nepal last year. Similarly, hand washing centers were set up at various places including Kathmandu and Janakpur. The Foundation has been doing many welfare works in Nepal before. The Foundation has helped Nepali unemployed youth to become self-employed by imparting various vocational trainings. The Foundation had also carried out various programs to uplift the education level of the children affected by the devastating earthquake of 2015.